It’s now been 3 days since President Trump announced a national emergency due to the COVID-19 issue in the United States.

Everything that has happened thus far is and was to be expected at some point. It’s not total mass hysteria but many people are tripping the fuck out. Yup! Like a bomb just went off or something.

The thought of isolation had people rushing into the grocery stores and raiding the shelves for almost anything they could get their hands on. A few weeks prior we saw toilet paper and bottled water cases moving quickly. Now very little; if any, is to be found. The smell of fear and panic fill the outdoors, media outlets and social media feeds alike.

It’s a shame, really, when you hear stories of greed and selfishness of people who’d rather make a quick dollar than help their fellow man. It makes me wonder how bad it can get if a crazy natural disaster or a more serious situation were to arise.

It seems as though everybody is literally only interested in watching out for for themselves. This is were people’s true colors really start to show. The worst part is they don’t even realize it. *Sad Face*

There are so many unknowns at this point and everyone is trying to speculate as to what kind of impact this event will have on our lives. Aside from health, we must look at the ongoing quality of life and how long it will take for us all to bounce back from this when it’s all said and done. I seriously doubt that this is some kind of “Walking Dead” scenario like many are envisioning. (I swear people need to stop watching so much programming and thinking it’s real)

One thing for sure is that many if not most small and local businesses will be negatively affected. I read something like 60% of businesses will be affected and 30 something percent will end up closing. If that’s a reality then we better be ready to be hit hard as a society. I don’t think many people could sustain living a whole month without generating some kind of income.

Meanwhile for me, as a very small business owner, I run a lean and tight ship. The overhead for my business isn’t like other businesses. But I’m already having challenges.

I have to do some hard pivoting and steer my ship onto a course that may not make a whole lot of sense for what I currently do.

My business thrives by staying visible in front of people in the real world. My customers aren’t really online yet. And if it weren’t for me they wouldn’t be online anytime soon. That’s been my clientele for over 20 years. I spend a lot of time meeting, talking and educating people  – in person. So what happened this past week when shit hit the fan? My clients cancelled, left and right. My workshops cancelled. They fell off my calendar, one after another. By the night of Friday the 13th, my calendar was cleared. Not even my most loyal customer wanted to meet due to the fear of contracting something. Without proposing any alternatives, like a phone call.

I get it, I don’t mind self isolating for the concerns and safety of others, but at least tell me that. Instead I got so many weird excuses. I don’t get offended easily, maybe once in a blue moon. But I would expect those closest to me to be able to communicate in a manner which makes better sense. I simply don’t get the weird communication. But my more human empathetic side says, “have compassion and understanding for them, they are afraid.” Ultimately that’s where I land.

This one event and the way that people are acting toward each other is a clear indication of our true relationships in this world. It makes me feel that people have been very artificial in how they connect with others.

I’m the kind of person if I commit to something, I do it because I genuinely want to do it. If’ someone who I’ve known for a while needs my help, I would have no problem putting myself at a little bit of a risk to help them out. I’m hoping if the time comes and  I need help that there will be people willing to help me out too.

Even though I can do my job from anywhere and continue to meet people online via Skype, Zoom or any of the other gazillion platforms. Logic tells me that business owners aren’t going to be spending money during this time period. Especially if their businesses are closed then shit runs down hill and my business will close too. I have high hopes that it wont get to that point. But I can’t be naive either.

Currently, I’m re-thinking what I am going to do to weather this “viral” storm and if I even want to continue doing what I’ve been doing for so long. It may be time to make a complete change to my profession rather than just execute my pivot plan. Can I see more clear before it’s too late? The next few days should be very eye opening.