Hi there! Welcome to My Community Support Page

I figure things out so you can save time and money.

For 20+ Years I have offered digital marketing services for small to medium sized businesses in San Diego. Because I’m a community oriented person, I tend to lean more toward servicing businesses who really need the most help but cannot necessarily afford what the average digital marketing agency will be charging.

Throughout the year I work with local chambers and business associations to host free digital marketing workshops. For anyone who have attended my marketing workshops, they know that I love to provide a personalized experience and give a tremendous amount of my time and knowledge without even asking for a dime.

Currently I am figuring out what’s going to work and not work for my life in the foreseeable future. Thus, I am not taking on any new clients. Thank you.


My Goals

% of Goal Complete: 15%

In 2019, I’m hoping to train/educate 100 businesses in digital marketing. These businesses will have the ability to discuss and hire trustworthy marketers who will implement cost effective strategies that are inline with their business goals.