A couple years ago I got an invite to give a quote to the SDSU Library for a Street View Virtual Tour. I was super excited. As I arrived I’m greeted by some really friendly library staff who are seemingly fans of Google. As they gave me a tour and pointed out what they wanted to show on the virtual tour, I thought to myself, “This place is gigantic. I must have forgotten or didn’t realize how large the library was.” It turns out I had never been to the lower levels and side rooms that connect to the computer labs building next door. (Sshh! Secrets)

The staff wanted to find out the cost to cover the entire library but when they found out just how interactive the tour could be then they got to thinking. I really enjoy helping someone during the planning process. I mentioned that we could scale it however they like. But we could also do a scavenger hunt or place in-tour points of interest. Then they got really excited when I mentioned the possibility of adding digital media elements, so that when someone clicks onto an interest area they could get a video or photo that pops up offering more info.

Given all the possibilities they would have to seek out funds within their budget and get back to me. For me, waiting to finalize a major project is no big deal. Especially if it’s a well known location that I would be given the opportunity to work for. Fast forward to the end of 2017, I get a call from the staff at SDSU and was asked if we could start the project in January 2018. I was in for a surprise on shoot day…

On the day of the shoot one of the staff appears dressed in a spandex stocking outfit covering his whole body from head to toe. The reason? He is to appear throughout the tour, sort of like a where’s Waldo hunt! I’m not going to lie… it was a bit weird. This guy who I met prior to this day stopped talking once he put the suit on. I bit like a mime. HAHA! He placed himself in some pretty creative and fun locations throughout the tour. From sleeping on the couches, to reading comics to 3D Printing he appears in the obvious and not so obvious areas.

I hadn’t had this much fun shooting a tour in a long time. We shot the tour base and in the future there may be a possibility to add interactive digital media overlays on top. There’s a lot to learn about the library at SDSU. How many times can you find the red mime?

This tour took longer to develop than any other tour in the past. This was during the time period in which I was just starting to regain momentum after Google drastically changed the process of completing a Street View tour. Let’s just say it was bug city and there was some stuff that still needed to be worked out.