Have you checked to see if your business is on the Google Map? Is it listed correctly? Is there another business located at your address instead of yours?

A couple weeks ago I came in contact with a rather unique situation in Brawley, California. Amy Volmer, President of About-U-Realty had expressed interest in Google Business Photos but was discouraged with Google because the Google Map had not recognized the location of the Florentine Collection Condo project. She said, “the Walmart across the street has a listing but I don’t! There isn’t even a road that leads to my condos when searching the Map.”


Before adding roads on the map

At first I didn’t quite understand how much of an issue this was until I looked on the map for myself. Clearly, the satellite image (left) showed some buildings, some areas were under construction and a few roads were visible. But, the virtual streets and labels had not yet been added. No wonder, visitors and customers cannot find the Sales office that is located at 419 Cool Creek Drive when searching Google.


Florentine Collection After adding listing to the Google Map

After a week, the Florentine Collection Luxury Housing Development is looking great. I added the main road leading into the condos as well as all the interior roads within this gated community. Next, I created the address for the Sales office and pinned it to the map. Once Google reviewed this change they immediately called Amy to verify the info. Not even 15 minutes after that call, the listing appeared on the Google map. Amy was ecstatic, “Awesome, Google just called and now it’s on the map!”

About-U-Realty is in the process of getting a Places Page created and “Owner Verified” so that we can attach the Business Photos Virtual tour to their listing. Once the #Places Page is published they will be able to invite new customers to see the Florentine Collection remotely.

Do you have a similar issue? I can provide a free assessment and phone consultation to help make your business visible on the map and search engines.