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Hello, my name is Louis and I’m a Solopreneur, Creator, Innovator, Marketer, Gamer and a Father to name a few. For those that know me well would include “Futurist” in there as well.

I started my professional journey in 1994 making and selling T-Shirts, business cards and flyers during school hours and installing car stereos for the neighborhood during non-school hours in my friends garage. Essentially I learned to hack into the available resources early in life.

While other kids were busy going to Football games, house parties and hanging out at the mall, I was in the computer lab before school, at lunch, after school and even on weekends. This was where I learned to fix computers, build websites for businesses, use Photoshop 2.5 and editing video with 2 VHS tape decks. The old school way.

I then went on to market and promote the San Diego Hip Hop music scene online from 1997 to 2006, (yes, before Social Media) while working as an intern at Relativity / Sony Records. This is where I worked with some of Hip Hop’s biggest names, including Kid Frost, 3-6 Mafia, Common, The Beatnuts and Bone Thugs n Harmony.

Year after year, I’ve worked in the San Diego community as a caregiver, teacher, youth mentor, leader and activist. I was nominated for awards because of my work developing and implementing state-wide and national based models for broadband inclusion programs. I also have been featured on several news outlets and media publications.

I continue to work in the San Diego community on several Google owned initiatives at the same time as operating an Interactive Marketing Agency and helping local businesses grow online.



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Google Removes See Inside and Why We Temporarily Stopped Services

Earlier this year Google decided to make a few changes to what was known as the Street View Trusted program, aka: Business View, aka: Street View for Business. For those in the know, this program has always had a hint of uncertainty since it's inception as "InnerSpace". That's a story for another time. But instead of just doing a name [...]

How to link or embed a Street View Virtual Tour in 2016

It's time to write yet, another tutorial on how to link and embed a Google Street View Tour. Since 2012 Google has done a lot in terms of changing the way their software functions. From search engine changes to Maps changes there's enough to make us business owners go a bit nuts. It's important to re-learn how we navigate the [...]

How to Change the Street View Car Photo on Google

Over the years I have been told, "Google is misrepresenting my business" or have been asked, "How do I change the image for the front of my store when I find it on the map?" Many times it's difficult to determine what people are talking about without asking a few follow up questions or diving deeper into their issue. Come [...]







I do not spend a whole lot of time on social. It feels too much like a one way conversation and I’d rather build real relationships. In person Human interaction still wins everytime! See my upcoming workshops or let me know so we can connect.

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