You know that box on the right hand side of Google that appears when you type in a name of a business? Well that is called the Knowledge Graph. It’s a visual representation of what Google knows about that particular business. Usually it gets it’s info from Google Maps, the official business website and other online sources such as Wikipedia.

If you’ve been on Google Search and Google Maps you might already know about “Suggest an Edit” and “Feedback”. If you are a business owner I’m sure you’ve used those options to attempt to change some info about your business found in the knowledge graph. Well, this week Google is testing and hopefully changing the way you report the incorrect data.

Here’s a quick snap shot of how it works and then I’m going to explain why you shouldn’t change anything (using this method) if you are the owner of the business.

  1. Log into your Google account (Gmail account)
  2. Search for the name of your business on Google.comgoogle-knowledgegraph-example
  3. If you see photos and info on your on the right side of the screen (desktops and laptops) or at the top of the results page (mobile devices) then you have a Knowledge Graph for your business. If you don’t then this means that Google may not know enough about your business or you have incorrect data about your business online. We will write a more in depth explanation with fixes at a later date.
  4. For Desktop and Laptop Users: At the bottom of the Knowledge Graph you will see a tiny piece of text that says Feedback. Click that and you will go into edit mode. For Mobile Users: You can look for the Feedback/Suggest an Edit text link but more than likely it’s going to In the Upper right corner of the screen and will be represented by 3 tiny dots. This indicates options are available on the screen. (See graphic below)feedback-button-google-magnified
  5. Once you are in edit mode you can now change the Business details on the screen such as Business name, Address, Phone, Website, Hours and Category. You will know that you can edit because a black Pencil Icon will appear next to each line of info. Click on the pencil
  6. Now you will be able to enter new details into a box that pops up for each line of data.
  7. You may get email(s) from Google letting you know if your request was submitted properly and regarding any action that was taken. This could take days or even weeks.

Now that we are past the nitty gritty I want to talk a bit about the pros and cons of doing this and when it should actually be used.

If you are a business owner and you have ownership of your Google Maps page then you will want to go to Google My Business to make any edits instead of using the above method. The reason is because usually you are going to want your business info changed quickly. Changing the knowledge graph will not happen quickly and could take days or even weeks.

If for some reason you no longer have access to your business listing on Google. Maybe you lost a password or you forgot the email address used to claim the business. Well this is an alternative.

Also it can be used to change details of a business you visited and you noticed that the store is closed but on Google it says that they are open. Or you can even help the business out by adding a Suite number in case it’s missing on Google. The more edits you make and Google approves in your favor will help you make edits faster in the future as you will be trusted by Google.

So there you have it a cool new way of reporting data corrections to Google and maybe you can start to make Google search an even more accurate resource.