If you have been on Google maps in the past year or so you may have seen that Google has included 360-degree virtual tours for some of the lucky businesses to have been visited by a Google Photographer. If not then now you know. 🙂 Up until last week it was like finding an easter egg. Now there’s a way to determine whether a business has a 360-degree virtual tour before you go clicking around. But first lets review where you may have seen the tours previously.

1. View in Search Results

See Inside on Search Results While searching the Google map the search results will display something that looks a lot like the street view graphic. That’s because it’s street view for inside the business. Mouse over it and it will say “See Inside”. Click and the right side of your browser will change to inside the business.

2. View on Google + Local Page

View on the Google+ Local Page The second option is right below the fold on the right side of the new Google+ Local page. Again displaying the Street View graphic. Click and the screen will refresh to allow you inside the business. On mobile devices this appears right below the reviews for the business on the Places App.   The latest addition that the Google Dev team has added is the ability to view how many businesses have 360-degree virtual tours from an aerial view. This is by far the best way to get an idea of which businesses in your area have taken part in the Google Business Photos program.

3. PEG Man reveals Business photo shoots

Peg Man Shows small blue dots for virtual tours Now you can click-hold and drag PEG Man from his resting place and plop him right into a business from the satellite view. As shown above once you drag PEG man over the city, you will see small blue polka dots appear along with blue street view streets. Once PEG man is over a blue dot you will see an image above his head displaying the inside of that particular business, let go of the mouse and you’re in! This is a neat new feature that is fun to play around and explore businesses in your area. How many businesses have a virtual tour in your city? Don’t see any? Request a photographer in your area from the Google Business Photos page.