I thought it was pretty awesome that Chris Yerga, Engineering Director at Google gave Google Business Photos and the “Look Inside” feature a demonstration during the Google I/O 2012 keynote last week.

The more this feature gets talked about, the more the average person will look for it and adopt it as part of their usual local search. Which in turn gives the business owner the need to hire a local Trusted Photographer.

Developers at Google have been making subtle changes to Google+ and Google Places by merging them into what is now known at Google+ Local. The most recent update is how someone would know how to find businesses with the “Look Inside” feature from Google Business Photos. From what I hear a ton more are coming out over the course of this year. Stay tuned for other articles on these features.

Check out the video below from the Google I/O where Chris Yerga talks about walking inside of a business, turning on compass mode, and getting a 360 view on the Nexus 7 tablet and knowing what to expect before you get to that special dinner date at your local restaurant. Fast Forward to 49 minutes for this segment.