For exactly 20 years I have been working with small businesses throughout Southern California. The work has consisted of a variety of projects that share a common theme. Growing a local business both offline and online through Graphics, Web, Video and Photography.

A particular experience came about in 2010 when I was tasked with developing a social enterprise consisting of 6 young entrepreneurs who had technical skill sets in graphics, web, video and photography. Sound familiar? It was right up my alley. Within just a couple years the social enterprise was generating $100,000 in revenue from services they provided to small businesses in San Diego.

Certification Training at Google with the core Business Photos Team

Certification Training at Google HQ with the core Business Photos Team in Spring 2012

In 2012, I had the opportunity to travel up to Mountain View, CA with a couple of the young photographers from my team to get trained in a new program that was incubating at Google.

In just a short period of time we found ourselves able to offer an Official Google product called Business Photos, aka: Business View, now known as Street View for Business to our customers. The end product, 360 degree “Street View” Virtual Tours living on the Google Map! without a doubt a very exciting time and we made every effort to help Google develop this new product by collecting data and reporting it back on a weekly basis.

After only six months, I was able to generate enough income from this product to venture off on my own and provide businesses Street View photography on full time basis. Helping small businesses is something I am passionate about and now I can include Google in the equation? Who wouldn’t?

Now in 2016 I’ve been a part of “Let’s Put our Cities on the Map” in San Diego for a year. It’s helped to further solidify my ability to successfully work on a Official Google project not to mention create a platform for my public workshops and training resources. So far we’ve helped hundreds of new businesses become either more visible or highly visible on the Map. Since it was something I was already doing, it happened to fall right into place.

Finally I’m putting everything into perspective and making efforts to take my passion to the next level. I have had the desire to share my knowledge on a larger scale. But I surely don’t want to do it alone, I am the kind of person who likes to take people with me on my journeys. and share the excitement.

This website is going to be the vehicle that will take us on this journey. I wanted to create a hub where I can share my passion and the work I enjoy, promote all the great achievements of other professionals who are doing the same or similar work, while showcasing all the unique and exciting small businesses that we are helping each and every day.

I’m now calling it “Get Your Business Visible”  The name pretty much encompasses, the intent and every aspect of what I want to accomplish during this journey. The name was changed from “See Inside” because I wanted it to be more of a call to action that is easy to understand. Although the term See Inside will still be used in various instances.

So whether it’s reading a blog, listening to a podcast, watching a video, or virtually walking through someones shop on Google Maps, I hope everyone will feel inspired and energized by all the great stories and resources that we will bring to this new website.