We all know that with the beginning of every New Year there’s an increase of people wanting to get fit. It could be the great weather we have in San Diego or just the many resolutions that people hope to achieve. Either way, the fitness business becomes really popular.

So to start off the New Year we thought it would be cool to share a few fitness related tours we completed in January 2015. It was exciting to work with the owners of theses business as they embraced the concept of Google Business View and knew exactly how they were going to integrate it into their marketing efforts.

1. Grotto Climbing & Yoga – San Diego, CA


One day I flipped the channel to KUSI and saw a broadcast of this brand new rock climbing business that opened near my neighborhood. Intrigued by the news story I drove down the freeway toward their location near SDSU. Upon my arrival I was greeted by the owners where we chatted about their grand opening. I felt that the public needed to know about this and what better way than to do a Business View walk-through, they agreed. This facility offers climbing walls for all ages and skill levels, free weights, strength training machines, Yoga instruction, and American Ninja Warrior style obstacles. They even have a Grotto, hence their name. Be sure to take your kids. My son and his cousins loved it!

2. Optimum Condition – El Cajon, CA

Optimum Condition is a mobility fitness business run by a very nice person, Melissa. She really cares for her clients. From learning the proper stretch to core fitness she’s got everything covered. Her classes are tailored to the individual rather than a large group.

3. SportRX – Pacific Beach, CA

This next tour took me down to a popular biking route in Pacific Beach, CA. It was just recently that SportRX moved into the neighborhood from their older location on Engineer Road. Which seems way more fitting seeing as how they cater to cyclists.

Sport RX sells top-of-the-line custom prescription glass wear for athletes of every sport. From Spy to Ray Ban and Oakley, if you are into getting quality sunglasses this is the place to go. But that’s not what makes this business exciting. The excitement comes from the passion the staff has for the business. They treat every customer with professional care while allowing them to have fun. Yes, fun in terms of games, exercise, not to mention beer! They are equipped with table tennis, shuffleboard, treadmill and putting green. If you ever get a chance to visit, be sure to ask them about their conference table as it’s literally a San Diego historical artifact.

We hope you all have enjoyed these fitness related businesses and if you are here in San Diego be sure to check them out and share the tours with your friends.