Louis Nava is ALWAYS thinking outside of the box and living ONLY within his means.

If you are looking for a few nouns to attach to my name… Here’s a quick list to choose from…

Creator /Designer / Developer
Lifelong Learner
Researcher / Thinker

For those that know me well would include “Futurist” or “Technophile” on that list as well.

Highlights and Professional Bio

Louis Nava is a interactive Marketing Consultant and Coach assisting San Diego small businesses to get online for over 23 Years. He’s recognized statewide for helping bridge the digital divide and increasing digital literacy in low-income communities, K-12 schools and non-profit organizations across California. Since 2012, Louis has worked as an Official Google Partner bringing specialized tools and education to improve the online presence of small businesses. His creative technology skills include, but are not limited to digital interactive marketing, graphic design, web design, video, photography, virtual reality and augmented reality.

My Story (the Quick version)

Hello, my name is Louis and I’m a human being just like everyone else. This is usually where a “rags to riches” story should come into play. But since I don’t have riches, you will just get a realistic evolution of me as a person and happiness from my achievements, instead of wealth.

I started my professional journey in 1994 making and selling T-Shirts, business cards and flyers during school hours and installing car stereos for the neighborhood during non-school hours in my friends garage. Essentially I learned to hack into the available resources early in life.

While other kids were busy going to Football games, house parties and hanging out at the mall, I was in the computer lab before school, at lunch, after school and even on weekends. This was where I learned to fix computers, build websites for businesses, use Photoshop 2.5 and editing video with 2 VHS tape decks. The old school way.

I then went on to market and promote the San Diego Hip Hop music scene online from 1997 to 2006, (yes, before Social Media) while working as an intern at Relativity / Sony Records. This is where I worked with some of Hip Hop’s biggest names, including Kid Frost, 3-6 Mafia, Common, The Beatnuts and Bone Thugs n Harmony.

Year after year, I’ve worked in the San Diego community as a caregiver, teacher, youth mentor, leader and activist. I was nominated for awards because of my work developing and implementing state-wide and national based models for broadband inclusion programs. I also have been featured on several news outlets and media publications.

I continue to work in the San Diego community on several Google owned initiatives at the same time as operating an Interactive Marketing Agency and helping local businesses grow online.

My Resume & Timeline


1996: Helix High School; Graduated
1996-1998: Some College
1995 to present: Self Learning

Previous Work Experience:

1996: Togos Eatery/ Pacific Theaters
1996-1999: Sam Goody Music – Retail
1999-2001: Home of Guiding Hands – Caregiving
2001-2002: K-6 Elementary School Computer Lab Teacher
2005-2007: SDCHC – Youth Mentoring and After school programming
2007-2012: San Diego Futures Foundation – Technology and Innovation

Business Timeline and Milestones:

1994-1996: Offset Printing, Screen printing, Car Stereo Installation, Media Club Designer and Video Editor, Graphics Design and Web Development
1996: Graphic Design and Web Development Business Launch

Late 1996-Early 1997: San Diego Hip Hop website was conceived and Launched
1997-1999: Relativity Records / Sony Records Internship
1999: Included Photography and Video Production into business
2001: Geographically grew business to cover the Imperial Valley, CA
2004: Joined the San Diego Music Awards Committee for Hip Hop in San Diego
2009: Developed Statewide Model for Bridging the Digital Divide
2010: Raised $3.2. Million for broadband adoption and work readiness training
2010 -12: Nominated for the Don and Rosemary Vial Award for Digital Inclusion through CETF
2012: Formed Google partnership for Street View and Maps
2015: Formed Google partnership for Get Your Business Online
2017: Formed Google Partnership for Grow with Google

Fun Facts:

High School  Track and Cross Country: 1994 IRONMAN Award ; PR – 4:09 1800m / Mile