When it comes to our jobs there’s a certain set of criteria we all look for that will help us feel fulfilled and stay passionate about what we do. Whether you do this consciously or subconsciously we all know that we want to work with great people, enjoy what we do and have fun doing it.

This year I made a conscious effort to work with businesses who want to embrace technology as much as I do that I would enjoy working with. This level of thinking made the year more enjoyable not to mention more fulfilling.

I wanted to share with everyone a short list that includes some great businesses I’ve been fortunate enough to work with in 2014. They were also businesses where I found out that I could help ways other than doing Business View. Read on to learn more about them and to see their Business View Tours.

Bee Best Bee Removal

A great home grown local Bee Removal company that wears their work on their sleeve. Literally! They have been one of the most passionate businesses I’ve met in a long time. They care so much about what they do, those they serve and let’s not forget about the Bee’s! They save over 90 percent of the Bee’s they encounter.

They originally came to me with the idea that the Business View Tour would help them in getting better ranking. While this is partly true, it wasn’t the only thing that they were lacking. This year they really embraced the internet in the ways that businesses should, by condensing 3 websites into 1, Business View, Local SEO, Video development, Social Media, Blog writing and are constantly scaling their efforts to becoming more social, delivering content, and helping people understand what they do.

East County Chamber of Commerce

Who said that chambers don’t help businesses? There has been a certain level of reputation that chambers all over southern California have developed, at least, that’s what I’ve been hearing.

Well in all of my experiences this one is rising above the rest. With the lead of Eric Lund (Manager), they have done a tremendous amount of work redeveloping their business from the ground up. Want to know the difference? They’ve embraced technology and are developing resources to help small businesses do the same.

In 2014, they have involved local technology and marketing experts and have hosted seminars, business expos and round tables. They have literally reached out to every past and current member to help them understand how to utilize their tools and resources. They are currently revamping their website to better serve the community and much much more is to come in 2015.

One thing is for sure, I will be there assisting along the way as this chamber has helped me grow my business in ways I couldn’t do on my own.

San Joaquin Valley College

Originally they won a pretty cool discount toward a Business View Tour. When they saw how the tour looked they started to think, “How can this help our business?” They started with the Chula Vista, CA location in late 2013 and by September 2014 SD 360 Tours had covered all 14 locations in California.

It all happened just in time for them to launch a new website, local SEO campaign and social media strategy. Luckily for us the Marketing Director was inline with technology and had included us into this development beyond Business View.

This was by far the best college experience I’ve had and wished I was a student again. The staff in all of their locations really care about the students on all levels. They are one of the few businesses who have embedded all their tours onto their website. Truly a breath of fresh air.

Mission Trails Regional Park

Who would think that you can mix nature with technology. Usually there’s no room for cellphones and computers in the great outdoors. Well I tend to think a bit differently and so did the Executive Director of the Mission Trails Visitors Center.

I’m very knowledgeable about the area I live but little did I know that this local getaway is right in my back yard. So now I’m on a mission to help raise awareness about the Mission Trails Regional Park and all the hidden gems it possesses.  So far we have done Business View Tours for the Mission Trails Visitor Center and Mission Trails Kumeyaay Campgrounds and the top of Cowles Mountain. Look out for more enriched Google Map technology coming to this area in 2015.


It’s pretty common nowadays for me to get called to help with photography and find out that there are plenty of other technology woes that the business is dealing with. I’m always more than happy to help answering questions and go above and beyond.

Act II is another one of those local family owned businesses who needed a bit of assistance in the technology department. Over the holiday season we have re-designed their website, shot a Business View tour, model photography and are working on their Local SEO.

It’s a true pleasure to work with everyone at ACT II. The passion they have toward their business and customers is contagious. They have definitely put the cherry on top when it comes to working with awesome businesses and bringing the 2014 year to a close.