Since 2012, Google has been making it a priority to integrate it’s Business View technology into their Local Business systems. Because of this it must be known that businesses everywhere should take a closer look into Business View as part of their marketing strategy. Pretty soon it will become just as important as having a free business listing on the map, consider it the cherry on top.

But does the average business owner/marketer really understand why it’s important and how much more visible they can become on Google?

Let’s start by saying, you can get to Business View (aka: See Inside) from the following Google properties

  • Google Search
  • Google Maps
  • Street View
  • Google+
  • Mobile Devices

But how are they actually found? Let’s explore the Google maps and see where we can see Business View.

Note: There will be future posts covering the other areas listed above.

Where to find Business View on Google Maps

1. Map Search

Go to or switch to maps search on Google

When a map search is completed for a specific business name or phone number, the maps system pulls the business data from Google My Business and displays it underneath the search bar. Within the business info, users will see thumbnail images of photos. The 3 possible labeled thumbnails include: Photos, Street View, and See Inside as shown below.


Once a user clicks “See Inside” the screen will change to the starting point of the Business View tour. Below the tour will be other imagery taken for that business by a trusted photographer, owner or customer.

2. Pegman

For a few years Google has been updating it’s mapping system when it comes to finding local businesses. In 2013, Google totally rebuilt the maps from the ground up and have been re-introducing older legacy features since. One of the more interactive features is Street View and the use of Pegman.

Where’s Pegman?

New Google Map: You will find Pegman in the lower right side of your screen.

Old Google Map: Pegman is located in the upper left side of the Map within the navigation controls.


How to use Pegman:

1. You can pickup Pegman with a click and hold from your mouse button.

2. While holding Pegman you can fly him over the map to reveal blue streets that have Street View and orange hot spots where Business View is located.

3. Let go of your mouse while over an Orange Hotspot and Pegman will switch you to Business View.


Note: At the time of this post, if a business has had multiple Business View tours done, Pegman will default to an older version of imagery for that business.

 3. Street View

If you happened to drop Pegman into the street, you will now see the Street View imagery. While you are driving down the street be on the look out for opportunities to walk into businesses. There is a bit of a difference between how the old and new maps display these markers. See the screen caps below.

street view arrows old and new


Stay tuned for future blog posts on other places Google is showcasing Business View.

If you are a business owner and like what you see find a Trusted Photographer in your area today.