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Hello, my name is Louis and I’m a Solopreneur, Creator, Innovator, Marketer, Gamer and a Father to name a few. For those that know me well would include “Futurist” in there as well.

I started my professional journey in 1994 making and selling T-Shirts, business cards and flyers during school hours and installing car stereos for the neighborhood during non-school hours in his friends garage. Essentially I learned to hack into the available resources early in life.

While other kids were busy going to Football games, house parties and hanging out at the mall, I was in the computer lab before school, at lunch, after school and even on weekends. This was when I learned to fix computers, build websites for businesses, use Photoshop 2.5 and editing video with 2 VHS tape decks, the old school way.

I then went on to market and promote the San Diego Hip Hop music scene online from 1997 to 2006, (yes, before Social Media) while working as an intern at Relativity / Sony Records. There I worked with some of Hip Hop’s biggest names, including Kid Frost, 3-6 Mafia, Common, The Beatnuts and Bone Thugs n Harmony.

Year after year, I continued to work in the San Diego community as a caregiver, teacher, youth mentor, leader and activist. I was nominated for awards for my work developing and implementing state-wide and national broadband inclusion programs. I also had been featured on several news outlets and media publications.

Since 2012, I continue to work on several Google owned initiatives at the same time as operating an Interactive Marketing Agency and helping local businesses grow online.



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With the inception of internet came the ability to be able to scam people with an endless amount of tactics. From viruses and malware to emails and phone calls. Digital marketing companies are always figuring out new ways to get you to be their paying customer. I am going to outline a couple of those ways in this post. Then [...]

Exclusive contract with my service based business – Good or bad idea?

Since the beginning of the year I've been asked to do an exclusive long term contract with one of my clients. Meaning, they want the majority of my time to be focused on them for the next couple of months. I'm left to weigh the pros, the cons, what would be good for my business and compensation for my time. [...]

Who should own your domain name and other digital real estate?

So far this year I've had an unusual amount of businesses who have reached out to me for help regarding regaining ownership of their domain names and websites. They all had something in common. Digital Marketing agencies were holding their domain names for ransom. By ransom I mean, the business owners are being charged a release fee or a change [...]







I do not spend a whole lot of time on social. It feels too much like a one way conversation and I’d rather build real relationships. In person Human interaction still wins everytime! See my upcoming workshops or let me know so we can connect.

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